Back in the day, when I could eat anything – and as much of it that I wanted – one of my favorite snacks was Noble Roman’s breadsticks. I’m probably missing a required trademark there, but please forgive me, Nobles.  I’m paying homage to you.  I love those breadsticks and the glorious cheese.  My favorite partners in sticks/cheese indulgence were 1) my boyfriend and now husband, Joe, who went to Purdue University, and who was lucky enough to have a Nobles truck that drove past his apartment complex and sold breadsticks right from the back of the truck; 2) my best friend since high school and college roommate, Alison, who shared the love for breadsticks and a Monster Pizza.  Yes, it amazes me today that the two of us could chow down on such a meal.  We finished it all, and still fit into our chinos.  What great times.

This recipe focuses on the cheese sauce.  It’s my adaptation.  Some of you will be surprised by my main ingredient – Velveeta – but I swear, it works, and I think it comes close to what Nobles gave us with our b’sticks.  The cheese sauce also works great on hotdogs, nachos, and Italian sausages.  Pick a meal that’s not too nutritionally important to you, and serve this cheese sauce.

It’s a treat for us, and hopefully is for you, too!


12 ounces (about ¾ brick) of Velveeta cheese
½ fresh jalapeno, minced finely, more or less to taste - I leave seeds in, but you can remove if you prefer

1 green olive, minced finely
1 clove garlic, minced finely
2 Tablespoons of milk
2 Tablespoons of “hot” pickle juice.  I use liquid from jarred pepperoncini, pickled jalapenos, spicy pickles, or olives. 
Pinch of salt (small!)

1/4 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper

Add all of the ingredients to a small sauce pan, and heat over medium low heat.  The cheese slowly will melt.  Stir occasionally.  When it all comes together, and is hot, it is done.  Close your eyes, remember… those awesome breadsticks.

​First published by Judy on July 15, 2013

Food brings back memories, and for me, the breadsticks and cheese sauce from Noble Roman's bring back terrific snapshots of  weekend pizza feasts with friends, movies nights, visits to Purdue,  great food, lots of laughter.  Basically, happiness.  For my recipe re-creation, I even bought the little plastic cups for serving!

Almost Nobles Cheese Sauce