Burger Bar

​Whether you’re feeding a few or many, a Burger Bar is perfect for entertaining.  It’s casual, customizable, and every burger creation is a conversation piece.  “What’s on yours?”

Remember back in the old days of the 1970s when Burger Chef came out with The Works Bar and suddenly there were unlimited pickles in the world?  How awesome was that!  I think a Burger Bar is a great way to go for a fun luncheon or dinner with friends.  There are so many ways to change up a burger – meats, buns, wraps, condiments, toppings – just lay it all out and let each guest go for his or her favorites.  Recently, we put out a small Burger Bar, but the sky is the limit.  Let loose your imagination!

Here’s what we served:

Ground beef burgers (1/3 pound patties)
Cheese choices
Boston lettuce
Tomato slices
Avocado slices
Sauteed mushrooms
Caramelized onions
Potato chips
Sweet potato fries
Greek yogurt / mayo / basil dipping sauce

The combinations are plentiful.  Consider:  We served beef burgers, but you could offer chicken and / or turkey burgers, veggie burgers, even salmon.  Likewise, you could put out a variety of buns, or use the Boston lettuce as a burger wrap.  Have several kinds of cheese available, and since friends usually ask, “What can I bring?” tell them to bring cheese!  The cheese can be melted on the burgers or served with crackers, and you’ll end up with a cheese board loaded with the personality of your guests.  In a Bobby Flay move, serve potato chips as a side snack or as a topping to crunchify (that's Bobby's signature term) the burgers.  Put out a variety of sauces and condiments – as many as you wish.  Personally, I would enjoy the choice of 4 or 5 different mustards!  

The sweet potato fries and dip round out the plate, because burgers need fries.

Need more ideas?  How about wasabi or horseradish, chipotle ketchup, BBQ or Buffalo sauce, pickled jalapenos or onions, prosciutto, various flavors of chips, truffles (or truffle salt), roasted garlic spread, crispy fried eggplant slices or fried green tomatoes, cole slaw, guacamole – go big!  Be creative, and for sure there will be something for everyone.

October 1, 2016