Freeze Herbs & Save Money

Herbs grow abundantly in The Farm, my backyard garden.   Throughout the summer, I love walking out back to cut a few fresh sprigs for my recipes.  Many of my plants hang-on until late October or even early November!  Here's how I make the most of my awesome herb garden -- year round.

Here’s a great tip for saving and storing those garden herbs that you tended all summer – freeze them!  Remove the leaves from your plants, wash, dry, and put about a teaspoon’s worth in the bottom of an empty ice cube tray.  Cover with water, stock, or olive oil.  Freeze, unmold, and then store the individual cubes in a plastic freezer bag or other container, appropriately marked. In the winter, when you need herbs, just pull out a cube, let it thaw, or throw it directly into the dish you’re making.  

You can organize your cubes in single-herb batches (each cube has thyme, for instance), or you can combine herbs that go well together (thyme and rosemary in the same cube).  As long as the container is clearly marked, you’re good to go!

I’ve used this tip to bank my end-of-season rosemary, thyme, mint, and oregano.  And here’s a bonus – chop up your chives and mix them into softened butter.  Then roll the butter into a log bound by plastic wrap, and freeze.  Whenever you want chive butter, just cut off a slice!  Savor your herbs and the memories of last summer!

November 12, 2016