Inside Out BLT

I love the flavors of a BLT but tend to avoid bread.  This version of a BLT trades "big bread" for lettuce cups, yet still brings the satisfying crunch of traditional toast.   It's a fun and easy swap that you can feel good about.

Trust me.  You'll think you are eating a straight-up BLT.  Plus, you'll have that sassy little smirk that says,"I beat you, bread."


1 head of Boston lettuce (sometimes called bibb or butter lettuce)
Bacon – allow 2 pieces per “sandwich”
Cherry tomatoes
2 slices of bread of your choice
Avocado (optional)

Tear whole leaves off of the lettuce.  Wash gently and dry thoroughly.  Use two leaves per “sandwich” to make a small cup.

I recommend applewood smoked bacon, but you can use your favorite.  Fry the bacon in a pan over medium heat so that the fat renders.  Save the fat in the pan.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, or quarters if they are large.

Cut the bread into small cubes, 12 to 16 per typical-size slice.  Toss the bread cubes in the bacon fat and crisp in the bacon pan over medium heat until you get crunchy croutons.

Cube the avocado if you are using it.

Give the inside of the lettuce cups a light smear of mayonnaise.  Add the tomatoes and bacon.  Top with croutons, or if you wish to avoid “bread” altogether, just omit this ingredient.  Add avocado if you like.

You get all of the flavor of a BLT, with fewer carbs.  Perfect summer lunch or light supper!

November 6, 2017