Liquid Gold - Bacon Fat

I like when I can use every part of a product, so when I have fat left over from making bacon, I save it and put it to good use.  Stick it in the fridge so that it solidifies, and then take out a spoonful or two when you need it.  It's free fat (but not fat free) and undeniably flavorful.

This is bacon fat.  Liquid gold.  I make bacon on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Riley actually pouts if I don’t!

Pouring fat down the drain is an invitation for plumbing trouble.  Save the fat.  Pour it into any heat-proof dish lined with foil. When the fat solidifies, you can throw it away if you want (without clogging your drain), but I think that's a waste of excellent flavor.  Turn it into something delicious!  

I keep bacon fat in the fridge.  It is useful when making things like Brussels sprouts that have been blanched (or green beans, corn, whatever).  You'll see bacon fat used as a starter in some of my recipes.  In this photo,  I’ve taken a tablespoon scoop out of the bowl for one lucky side dish!  Add a dollop before sweating onions and garlic for soup.  Rub softened bacon fat on the outside of whole potatoes before baking.  Great flavor for free!

Bacon makes everything taste better. A little bacon fat works wonders too.  The better the bacon, the better the fat.  My favorite is Nueske's thick-cut applewood smoked bacon.  It throws a gorgeous clear fat and brings a savory smoky flavor to recipes.

The only thing better than bacon fat is duck fat.  That’s another story.

​First published by Judy on August 30, 2012