I like to serve a snack if people come over for a visit or if we are headed to someone's house.  This is my most simple party platter.  It takes no time to put together, and there are few ingredients.  The key to serving few ingredients is to go for great quality.  Don't skimp on the cheese, sausage, or crackers.  One great small bite is better than 10 mediocre bites.

​Party Platter #1

If you’re looking for a fun platter to take to a gathering, here’s my Party Platter #1.  It has an Italian theme.  The ingredients are easy to find, and there aren’t too many, so I think of this as a “quick” treat.  The plate looks pretty, and the food tastes fresh and full of flavor.  Check out the crunchy crackers, smooth cheese, chewy meat, tangy mustard, and salty caperberries.  This is a perfect light platter to take to a friend’s home or to serve before an Italian meal or sausage cookout.

The amount of ingredients is up to you, depending on how many people you wish to serve.  Use the photo to make a pretty arrangement, or do your own thing!  


White cheddar cheese, cut into squares
Caperberries (highly recommended)  Use olives if you can’t find caperberries.
Chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano
Chunks of Gorgonzola, an Italian bleu cheese
Dijon mustard
Water crackers
Slices of sopressata, an Italian cured dry sausage (substitute Genoa salami)

Make an attractive arrangement on the platter, and serve.  Can be made ahead, scaled to size of party, and you’re welcome to add more ingredients of your choosing, if you wish!

February 25, 2016